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What is FingerTec?

Automating your office with fingertips biometric devices.
Biometrics identification systems are becoming a common trend in today’s office automation. However, getting to this level was not an easy task. Slowly but surely, the Management of various workplaces has started seeing the benefit of employing a biometric system for their staff management as it decreases inaccuracy caused by incidents such as buddy punching.

Aside from offering competitive prices for all its fingerprint products, FingerTec is a company that puts a lot of effort to present its products as DIY, mending the gap between the technology and our customers, to reduce implementation time and costs significantly. Not just that, we also have gone the extra mile to enable FingerTec to be implemented globally by localizing the languages both in our hardware and software. Let us walk you through the advantages of choosing a FingerTec biometric device.

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Beyond Biometrics

time workforce management

Compatible with Multiple Payroll Softwares

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We Got You Covered!

Is your business affected by covid-19, we got you covered, let us take your business from offline to online. we are giving the lowest price possible to assist and aid affected businesses. Ask us how?