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Premium Plugin

All of our Website Design will consist of PREMIUM WORDPRESS PLUGINS. We guarantee it is ORIGINAL and LICENSED. It makes way faster build, user friendly and extends functionality or add new features to your WordPress websites. Efficient & straightforward is vital, easy to maintain and fully upgradeable. It used to take 3 to 6 months to build a simple HTML | PHP | JS | CSS | JQuery | website and another few months if adding for tablet and mobile, and now with WordPress as a CMS, and with the aid of premium plugin, we can give a cheaper cost and save time for you. Plus, you can manage it on your own if you want to. Premium Caching Fast enough to crack glass.

clean Codes

We use clean codes, when we build sites for clients, we do no use harmful codes or hidden codes. In fact, we perform full code testing from every perspective before we release a code to a website. Why? so that this codes does not conflict with other codes, and does what it was coded for. We take extra care when we code stuff. All of our codes are completely transparent, we will declare them to respected clients or users.

Our trusted GO TO PLUGIN, when we use custom codes. Heard of a Surge Protection Device For electronics, well this is a “Code Surge Protection Plugin”, All of our custom codes are house under one roof. 


<div class="rect"></div>


.rect {

background: linear-gradient(


$gray 0%,

$dark-gray 100%); }


var colors = ["#74B087","#DE7300","#74B087"];

function animate() {};

Lightning fast
Web Hosting

With a partnership with a Prestigious Web Hosting Service Provider “Exabytes Networks”. One of the most prestigious web hosting providers in Malaysia. We are able to unleash the performances of a website. We only use trusted and reliable web hosting, for South-East Asia we will 100% recommend Exabytes Network. Low Downtime, Excellent Support who are always there 24/7, 365 days. Security Firewalls, SSL, Backup, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Domain Purchase and many more goodies are all available. Using the best in the market Dedicated WordPress “Litespeed” Performance web server and HTTP3 Ready.

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