We provide a wide range of services

All the Services that we provide is done by professionals, whom has experiences more the 10 years, everything is done in the proper way with simple and efficient methods

Web Designing Services

We provide website designing and coding, we work closely with you to archive your desired website, for your WordPress or Opencart Platforms or custom HTML.

  • OpenCart
  • Custom HTML
  • Multi Theme Selections
  • Video/Animation Capable
  • Ticketing System
  • Blog System
  • Forum System
  • Reservation & Booking System

Server Hosting Services

We provide Server Hosting with 99% downtime rate 24/7 support system
We are partners with EXABYTES

  • C-Panel
  • Domain .com/.my/ etc....
  • Domain Renewal Services
  • Email Server
  • SSL Single / Wildcard
  • FTP
  • Dedicated Server
  • Share Server

E-Commerce Services

We provide Design/Coding for WordPress or OpenCart - for self hosted servers or cloud hosted servers

  • WordPress Platform E-Comm
  • OpenCart Platform E-Comm
  • Shopify Platform E-Comm
  • Payment Scheme System
  • Credit Card Payment Scheme

SEO Markerting Services

We provide SEO populating Keywords for your website.
We are partners with

  • WordPress Platform - SEO
  • OpenCart Platform - SEO
  • Customer HTML - SEO

Social Media Markerting Services

We provide Social Media Markerting, Google Ads Markerting. Budget base and also criteria based. Dont over spend for 0% actual impression
We are partners with Google Ads

  • Major Social Media Platforms
  • Google Ads Platforms
  • Marketplace Ads Platform
  • Blog-Space Ads Platform

Wireless Networking Sales & Services

We provide a wireless networking solution for your needs, from your office to factory to your home. Everything can be wireless

  • Wireless Commercial Hardware
  • Wireless Home Hardware
  • P2P Long Range Hardware

Wired Networking Sales & Services

We provide a Wired networking solution for your needs, from your office to factory to your home. Everything can be wireless

  • Wired Commercial Hardware
  • Wired Home Hardware
  • Enterprise Use Hardware

Server Sales & Services

We provide server hardwares, software configurations and installations and setup.


PC / MAC Sales & Services

We provide PC / Mac Computers, you have a specs list, give it to us and we will get the best price for you, or if you don't have any specs in mind, no worries let us know your purpose and we will build one for you, or if you prefer to get OEM's we are able to comply to your needs

  • All Famous OEM Brands
  • Custom Build Gaming Rig
  • Custom Build Office PC
  • Custom Build Home PC
  • All In One PC
  • Macbook's Desktop or AIO or Laptops
  • Mobile Tablets Or Mobile Phones

PC Parts Sales & Services

We provide all kinds of brands from Original OEM Spare Parts to Single unit hardwares, like GPU/RAM/MOTHERBOARD/CPU and etc.. you name it we will find it for you.

  • OEM Spare Parts
  • Customer Hardwares
  • Gaming Gears
  • Gaming Hardwares
  • PC/Mac Upgrades Hardwares
  • Laptop Batteries
  • Laptop Adapters
  • Connectors

CRM & ERP Soft. Sales & Services

We Carry Big Software Companies Name Brand, Like DESKERA, FRESHWORKS, SAP, A1 & B1.

  • CRM Softwares
  • ERP Softwares
  • Full CRM & ERP Software
  • Cloud Hosted
  • Standalone Servers

Acc/Pay/Inv/Bill/Soft Sales & Services

We provide softwares from SME to Enterprise from HR to Stockeeping , From SQL , SAGE UBS, DESKERA, AUTOCOUNT, MASTER

  • Accounting Software
  • Billing Software
  • Inventory Software
  • POS Software
  • BSM Software
  • HR Software
  • Payroll Software

Custom Software Sales & Services

We provide Custom softwares build by professional programmers with more then 10years of experience

  • C++ Based
  • VB.Net Based
  • C# Based
  • HTML Based
  • IOS Based
  • Android Based

Computer Repair Service

We provide Computer Repair and Apple Computer Repair

  • Backup / Recovery
  • OSRI / RE-Format
  • Chipset Repair
  • Hardware Checking
  • System Cleaning
  • Software & Hardware Installation or Removal

Computer Cables Sales

We Have a wide range of computer cables, from long to short and from 1 port to 10 ports and etc.

  • Network Cables
  • Display Cables
  • Audio Cables
  • Data Cables
  • Phone Cables
  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • Custom Cables

Thumbprint Sales & Services

We have a wide range of thumbprint readers
We are Fingertec Partners/Dahua/HIK

  • Basic Models
  • Advance Models
  • Combo Models

Face ID Sales & Services

We have a wide range of Face ID readers
We are Fingertec Partners/Dahua/HIK

  • Basic Models
  • Advance Models
  • Combo Models

Door Access Sales & Services

We have a wide range of Door Access from Branded models to Cheap models
We are Fingertec Partners/Dahua/HIK

  • Basic Models
  • Advance Models
  • Combo Models
  • EM Locks

Middle Man Services

We provide middle man service for overseas purchases or drop ship from other states. We do not purchase anything illegal to the country or do any money loudering services, it is strictly forbidden

  • PayPal Trusted Verified
  • Skrill Trusted Verified

Documentation Sales & Services

We provide documentation preparation, for companies or personal

  • Privacy Policy Content
  • Terms & Condition Content
  • EULA Content
  • Terms Of Use Content
  • Legal Binding Agreement's

CCTV Sales & Services

We provide high Calibre CCTV products with the best solutions. Anyone can do cctv but not everyone can think or plan the proper way to do it. to prevent blind spots of to prevent DVR & NVR being stolen. We can Prevent that!

  • Pre-Planing
  • Proper Use of Visual View
  • High Resolutions
  • Weather Proof
  • Long Lasting

ALARM Sales & Services

We provide high Calibre ALARM products with the best solutions.

  • Pre-Planing
  • All types of sensor
  • Weather Proof
  • Long Lasting

Cable Management Services

We Provide cable management service, a clean workplace or a clean cables, is a must, this will allow proper air flow to cool down the cables, and in the event of maintenance everything is done fast and most importantly VISUAL impression.

  • Pre-Planing
  • Maintenances Eazy

Graphics/Photo Edit Sales & Service

We Provide Graphics and Photo Edit, to Enhances a picture or to redo your company logo or if you don't want someone in the background. Banner's ads/Portraits/Name Card design and etc.

  • Pixel 2 Pixel Edit
  • Clear & Sharp

Photography Services

We Provide Photoshoot for products, models, events, and many more.

  • Professional Pictures
  • Product Shoot
  • Food Shoot
  • Event Shoot
  • Portrait Shoot

Remote Support Services

We Provide Remote Support For Softwares or Troubleshooting Servers or Computers. in your office, factory or even at home. we will be able to support you

  • SQL Acc & Pay Support
  • SAGE UBS Acc & Pay Support
  • Windows Support
  • Mac Support

Let’s make awesome things, together.

Tell us about your project.

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