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Ultrafast WordPress Hosting

  • Automatic 1-click WordPress installation
  • Ultrafast websites with Litespeed on SSD drive
  • Daily website backup, One-click restore

Optimised for Website Speed

With LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (LSCWP) and guaranteed pure SSD disk, WordPress hosted website will increase loading speed and response time significantly. 5x faster than normal hosting server.

Enhanced Security

Complete with Website Security360 protection, Automatic Malware Scan & Websites Fix, 1- Click Hardening, WordPress security scan and security patch.

One-click Staging

Every Exabytes WordPress hosting account comes with extra databases for you to create staging environment, safely test on new changes (eg: new plugins, new themes, or core/plugin/theme updates) before publishing it.

Daily Website Backup

Be worry-free with our daily backup of your website. A one-click restore for full retrieval of your data should there be attacks or hit of disaster. Get assistance from our 24/7 technical support to assist you with any issues that may arise.

LiteSpeed Vs Nginx


  • Lightweight
  • Faster
  • HTTP3 Ready
  • Secure
  • Small Footprint
  • Faster Backend Processing Power
  • Quick Delivery of Caching
  • Easy To Configure
  • Management Easy
  • Better Load Balancing 


  • MiddleWeight
  • Faster
  • HTTP2 Ready
  • Secure
  • Bigger Footprint
  • Slower Backend Processing Power
  • Slightly Difficult to Manage
  • Slightly harder to Configure
  • Slower Caching 
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LiteSpeed easily faster than NGINX and especially when loading all options, modules, and features evenly

Equilibrium's Take On LiteSpeed With Exabytes

When it comes to building a website, we try to optimise as much as possible to avoid speed loss and a significant lack of technology available; we had to scarifies specific design ways and adding features.

Well, that was history! Now, this is the future!

Ever Since Exabytes came out with LiteSpeed Enterprise Editions V12 WordPress we quickly adapt to it, and we made our sites even faster than before, WordPress was super fast backend and frontend.

We ran lots of test from different plugins, extensive loading images, and videos, to test the performance, it beats Nginx by 4x times faster loading and stable response.

As we look back to Nginx servers, we are like “wow why is it so slow, are we like having a slow internet connection?”

You might think, LiteSpeed has already been there in the market, yes we do agree, but we have tested lots of servers or hosting providers who provide LSWS are mostly OLS version with an elemental hardware power.

Then we heard Exabytes was providing an Enterprise level LiteSpeed V12 WordPress with super-fast hardware. We didn’t blink to say no, we took it to test it and now we are using it and letting our honourable clients upgrade and welcome our new clients to use.

At first, there were some hiccups, and we won’t say the journey was smooth. Well, the First Batch of everything tends to become Lab Rats, “well better us than our clients.” We encounter many errors in PHP, licensing issues, render-blocking issues, process abort issues, and speed factors. It was aspected as we were doing a series of tests from ELEMENTOR, CROCOBLOCK, ASTRA, OXYGENS, MyCred, etc., ensuring everything was running at high performance.

The loading for the backend was extraordinary, TTFB extremely fast compared to the older servers. Do not compare this to Open LiteSpeed, it’s not the same. OLS is a free version, where’s else Exabytes is offering the Enterprise Level.

Test We did, was done on Pingdom and Gtmetrix 

TTFB – Time To First Byte, TTFB is the time taken for the browser to get a response from the server. This metric can also be called as the server response time (server response time + network latency = TTFB) LiteSpeed Won this test by miles away 

Fully Loaded Time, there is a lot of improvements on this part with lightspeed 

Stress Test, both were like almost similar, can’t complain. 

Conclusion: LiteSpeed has a better TTFB and can handle very high concurrent users when compared to Nginx. LiteSpeed also uses fewer server resources when compared to Nginx stack, which results in reduced server costs.

Not just performance, here are few other reasons on why I prefer LiteSpeed over Nginx.

We compared LiteSpeed and Nginx using several types of benchmarks. In all tests, LiteSpeed performs better than Nginx: it transfers files faster and uses less CPU and memory. nginx never reaches TCP-level throughput at low bandwidth. At high bandwidth, Nginx throughput is a fraction of that of LiteSpeed.

Nginx’s HTTP/3 is not ready for production use. It delivers poor performance and, at the same time, uses too much CPU and memory.

This result is not surprising. QUIC and HTTP/3 are complex protocols. New implementations will have a hard time matching the performance of LiteSpeed.

Nginx will likely improve in the future. We look forward to more benchmark testing when that occurs. Until then, LiteSpeed HTTP/3 cannot be beaten. Best Combo offered by Exabytes so far found in the market. We can say that LiteSpeed server outperforms both Apache and Nginx

Exabytes is being on the right track by doing this switch, QUIC & HTTP3 Ready, We are happy with the results. 

Everything is now well configured and performing at top-notch. Exabytes Support never seems to fail to amazed us, thanks to our Dedicated Account Manager = “Dickson & Patricia.” and the BIG BOSS of Exabytes Mr Chan, which came together and quickly resolved the issues we encountered.

So Yes, it is not only a matter of choosing the right software or hardware; you must also consider the support and the reliability and quality of service. It is why and will always work together to strive better performing websites for our clients.

We can proudly say Exabytes LiteSpeed Is Officially Open for business. V12 WordPress

LiteSpeed with Exabytes was the Right Choice!

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