How To Register To Our Website
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How To Register To Our Website

​Open Any browser, our website is compatible with any platforms and any browsers.
  1. Once you have open the browser, you either can use the search URL at the top of every browser or you can search on google.
  2. Full URL –

    Google Search –
  3. For Desktop View – VIP SECTION BUTTON or Footer menu at the bottom of the page > Register
    For Mobile view – Click on the Hamburger Menu. and select VIP SECTION or you can scroll down the page and select the Hamburger Menu > Register

  4. Enter All Details Needed

  5. Please check your email inbox from the email address you have entered, if its not in your inbox, please proceed to check in your junk mail,”please white list our email address” You will then get a email activation, click on the button or you can copy the link below and paste it into your preferred browser’s URL

  6. You will be redirected to our website, Welcome to Equilibrium Techx Solution’s Website
    *please note some feature is only available for paid subscription customers

Step 1

Open Up any Browser. enter our URL or search on google

Step 2 - Via VIP Section

Click the vip button

Step 3

Either click on the Log Me In Button or scroll down

Step 4

Click On the register text

Step 5

Please make sure all text field is filled up

Step 6

You also can access the register page at the login page

Step 7

You also can access the register page at the footer page

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